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Over this weekend I got hooked to yet another Social Media activity. I became a member of 500px – a community of photographers all around the world. I have been planning for some time to cleanup some of my best photos and have them online. Now, I got the ball rolling. Just like with this blog, not everything is perfect from the beginning. I still need to spend some more time adding details to the pictures (titles, description, tags), but I am glad I did the first step.

About my gear: I am still at the compact camera level and most probably it will remain the same for the near future. I have a Canon PowerShot SX200IS, the red model and I am very satisfied with it. Unfortunately I managed to get it splashed last summer at Port Aventura and it left a small amount of residue on the inside of the lens, causing a slight distortion in some cases. If you are interested in a review, you can find a very nice one on


Of course, like any self respecting geek today, I also have an Instagram profile. I had it linked in the footer of this blog for a while now and it usually has pictures (more or less serious) that I take during the commuting to work and back, when I take a break or just simply when I am taking a walk with my wife. I don’t always carry the camera with me on these occasions and there is something very satisfying about taking a quick picture and being able to post it online, with links on Twitter or Facebook. This must have been the same feeling the Polaroid owners had with their instant cameras. For the moment I am using my Nexus One phone, which does not have a very good camera, but as I was told over and over again, the composition is more important than the gear, so I’m ignoring the noise in the pictures for now and try to make the shots as interesting as possible instead.

To wrap things up, you can check my photos both on my Instagram profile and on my 500px profile. If you find them interesting,  don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I might release the most popular ones as wallpaper sets, so stay tuned.

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