Nuclear launch detected: Trident Design goes live

It’s the very middle of the year and I am trying to respect another personal resolution regarding my own projects. Therefore I am launching today Trident Design, an online directory of resources for web designers and developers. The mission is simple: to filter, triage and select free (and premium) resources, while maintaining the same level of quality and attention to detail as the ones encountered in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

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Airwolf tribute wallpapers

Today I want to pay my respects to one TV show that marked my teenage years – “Airwolf“. I loved that show while I grew up and it makes me sad to see that there are so few quality wallpapers for the fans to enjoy. Therefore I decided to make my own two models, in a broad range of resolutions.¬†Each archive contains variants of the same wallpaper, from as high as full HD (1920×1080) to as low as 1280×720.

If you want to share this with other people, please link directly to this page and not to the files themselves. Thank you!

Download first wallpaper set

Download second wallpaper set