Say “Hello” to Twitter Bootstrap

Recently I got involved in a project that makes use of Twitter Bootstrap and I can say I got very interested in the possibilities and opportunities this framework brings. While I have studied it before as inspiration for a custom in-house CSS framework, it was for the first time I was getting my hands dirty, so to speak.

The result is that I have decided to upgrade this website with a new version built upon Bootstrap. Thanks to 320 Press I could get my hands on a basic theme built with this framework, just waiting to be customized properly. I already got the design completed and I need to start chunking code. So stay tuned for the second version of

Release early, release often – the antidote for procrastination

It has been a while since I purchased this domain and I kept putting things on the back burner, promising myself to launch it as soon as the awesome new personal theme would be ready to rock. As you can very well guess, this did not happen. There were always more important things to do, I was too tired to focus, I did not feel like it, bla bla bla – the list of excuses can be compiled into a book called “Procrastination for Dummies”. And it kept on and on. Until today.

Today I decided that I should start following another mindset regarding my website and personal projects and that is: “Release early, release often”. I think it is better to launch something unfinished and polish it along the way than continuing the vicious cycle of procrastination. Then I will continue to tweak it, little by little, until I get to the desired result. This is the reason why the current look is quite bare. Instead of loading a great looking polished theme (there are many high quality ones available for free), I decided to use Canvas from WooThemes, the most customizable theme in their offer. This way I can get my desired look and feel while enjoying the great functionality that has been built in.

Therefore, without any more delay, I welcome you to my new online presence. If you fancy having a look at the old version of my site, you can check at your leisure.  Otherwise you can follow me on Twitter. More stuff will come online in the following days (like the About page, more links to my social media profiles). I intend the bulk of my articles to be related to front end web development, web design and other related topics. Next will be entries related to my personal projects and, from time to time (like now), some personal stuff, unrelated to my professional life.