Happy Birthday Romania!


This is Google Doodle displayed today on the Romanian portal for Google, in celebration of the Romanian National Day. The author is a young 8th grade lady – Iasmina Maria Răceanu – from Suceava, winner of the first edition of the Romanian “Google 4 Doodle” contest. She received a prize of 15.000 RON (about 3350 EURO), while her school got a technology grant of 20.000 (about 4500 EURO).


Iasmina imagined Romania as “a green country, with mountains and valleys, hills and plains, colored by beautiful traditions worth preserving, uplifted by artists and sportsmen that raised her name to the heavens. My Romania is worth being loved.”

I join then all the other Romanians, from back home or spread all over the world, in saying today: “La multi ani, Romania!” (Happy Birthday, Romania)

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