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I have been actively involved with local meetups here in Dublin for more than half a year now. Yet, despite all the tech companies present here, there was no group dedicated primarily to the mastery of HTML/CSS/SVG. I’m talking about web technologies and skills that are indeed easy to learn but very difficult to master.

So many companies take these skills for granted whether you are a UX/Visual/Web designer or a front-end developer. On one hand there has been a large movement over the last years in support of designers that know how to code. On the other hand, so many consider that front-end development means almost exclusively JavaScript development. All this translates into humongous page sizes, poor performance, cluttered code and overall slower loading websites.

With all that in mind, I decided to step in and do something about it. Therefore, over the last weekend, I did a big crunch and created a new meetup group and it’s support system (identity, domain, Twitter handle) . Ladies and gentlemen, I’m giving you DublinCSS (

DublinCSS is Ireland’s only group dedicated to all things CSS.  If you want to get to know your floats from your flexboxes and your LESS from your Sass, then this is your place to hang out. We get together to discuss the latest tips and techniques. So if you love all things CSS, like we do, then join our group now or follow us on Twitter at

A big bow to SydCSS (, the meetup group that served as inspiration for my own initiative. I also “@import”-ed the description above from them and padded it a bit with some ideas of my own, to create the description of my own group. There was no infringement intended, only a deep recognition that they said what I feel a lot better than I ever could.

I was honestly amazed by the reception of this group, as it passed 100 members on its first day. I am taking this as a sign that people are indeed interested in learning more about these technologies. Thus my first priority is to arrange a first meeting, as soon as possible. This is an event that I look forward to and I dread in equal parts. While I did other presentations before, it’s the first time I am organising such an event. Still, all this effort is well worth it.

All these being said, I can hardly wait to as many of the new members at the first meeting. Stay tuned for more info.

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