LinkedIn InMaps scheduled to close

A while ago I had discovered a very interesting application from LinkedIn Labs – the InMaps. This application will connect to your LinkedIn account and put all your connections in visual format. Here’s what my network looked like at that time:



Today I got a notification that InMaps is being discontinued on September 1, 2014 Рthat is in less than a month. This prompted me to have a last look at my current network, while I still can. And this is the result: inmaps-last


Plenty of change, as it can be expected from almost two years and moving from Spain to Ireland. Entire new country, new jobs, a lot of new people – and a lot of recruiting agents in the mix. It was interesting to see the evolution. And it will be just as interesting to see what LinkedIn will bring forward to replace InMaps.

What is the shape of your professional network?


I was pleasantly surprised this week to encounter the Labs website of LinkedIn (yes, I know I might be late in finding it, but better late than never). Many online giants have such labs where crazy scientists and hunchbacked trolls called Igor concoct all sort of fancy experiments. This one lives to the expectations too and has quite a few interesting projects, like Resume Builder or Connection Timeline. Play a bit with them and you’ll understand what I mean.

But the application I want to talk about is called “InMaps” and it gives a visual representation of your network of connections and the way they are interconnected. You can see above my map (you can also click on the image to view the online version). Basically it highlights the three largest profesional milestones of my life (in order: Getica / Ayon Logic (green), Webfusion (orange) and Emagister(blue). The rest is a mixture between high school and university classmates, freelance contacts and various other people I know. It is fascinating to follow the connections and sometimes you can have the surprise to see how people on different branches are in touch.

How does your professional map look like?