I’m a SitePoint author


Today marks an important milestone in my professional career. My second article got published by SitePoint.com. I did indeed say “second”, as the first one was published on August 5th. Normally I should have marked that day as the more important one. But today proved that I can persevere and that I can go further on that path. It proved that the first article was not a fluke or a freak lucky accident. And I intend to continue on this path, so stay tuned for new articles.

Without more delays, I invite you to check my writings. Hopefully there will be something that will help you with your front end coding projects:

A new year, a new beginning


Note to self: When you write your blog post, always save draft before uploading media. You won’t risk loosing the entire text, thus being forced to write it again. Or better, write it somewhere else and just copy/paste it to WordPress

We return to our scheduled program.

I’m trying to keep true to my new year plans (my resolution remains the same – 1920×1200) and got my online presence refreshed and updated. Thus I present to you the online residential complex of Adrian Sandu:

  • The main site (www.adriansandu.com) now hosts my profile and portfolio. Hand-coded over a Bootstrap 3 base, for maximum control.
  • The blog got moved to its own subdomain (blog.adriansandu.com). Powered by WordPress and using the latest default theme. Because it works well enough, it looks good enough and I don’t have time to make a custom theme matching the main website. As people say in my country, “the boot maker always has holes in his boots.”
  • The latest addition is the Lab (lab.adriansandu.com) where I’m keeping older projects and my experiments. Here there be dragons. And zombies. And a lot of other stuff. You have been warned.

Another new year goal is to improve my photography skills. I keep my best shots at 500px.com/AdrianSandu and I’m still considering whether to upgrade to their better plans or not. Other pictures might end on Google Pictures or Facebook. I’ve kind of given up on Instagram as I don’t use a smartphone anymore and my tablet only has internet connection over wifi.

Over the next weeks I plan to update these three websites some more as I dust up old work, concoct new experiments and begin new projects. See you next time!